Baby's Firsts Milestone Wood Card Set

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These baby milestone cards are a wonderful way of sharing many of your baby’s firsts with friends and family.


The beautiful Birch wood discs are 4” in diameter, 1/8” thick, laser engraved, and hand sanded for a smooth feel. Each disc is double-sided, so a set of 16 comes with 8 individual pieces. Each set comes in a Kraft box for easy storage.


These discs are not baby toys, but are meant to be used as props in baby photos shared with loved ones.


The following milestone moments are included in each set:
  • First night home
  • Today I rolled over
  • Today I crawled
  • Today I smiled
  • Today I laughed
  • I said mama
  • I said Dada
  • I took my first step
  • Today I sat up
  • Today I slept all night
  • Today I waved
  • My first solid food
  • My first haircut
  • Today I stood
  • My First Tooth
  • My first outing


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